Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Can Reach The Mountain Top

No matter what your problem is,
whether its as big as a mountain,
or as small as a grain of sand,
you can overcome it.
You can be victorious!
There are solutions to every problem,
you simply have to discover them.

Think of your problem as a three part journey;
with a beginning, a middle, and an end.
You may be at the beginning,
just now realizing there is a problem,
or you may be further along,
gaining some ground,
but no complete victory just yet.
Where ever you are isn't as important
as moving forward,
and not letting anything stop you from arriving
at the mountain top.
Success! Problem solved! Problem gone!
Know that not only do you
have inner strengths that will help you,
others will help you along the way,
as will higher powers.
You are never alone on your journey,
never are you hopeless.

Miracles occasionaly happen over-night,
but don't look for this.
Expect victory to take some time,
and give yourself time.
It will take take work
and maybe sacrifice,
but it will be more than worth it.
It may take you places you've never been before.
(Think of it as scenery along your journey.)
For sure,
victory will take a lot of determination,
greater yet,
it will take a firm commitment.
But if you stay with it,
staying is the key word
as you can't win if you don't stay in the game,
sooner or later,
you'll get there,
you will know the unequaled joy,
of winning,
of conquering that mountain.

To help you achieve victory over your problem,
it would be wise
to daily recite the following words,
or over and over
throughout the day
if the day seems long and hard,
and your strength is weak.
A Creed For Overcomers.
I will not give up.
I will get through this.
There are solutions to my problem.
I will not accept defeat.
I will not surrender.
I will win.
I will overcome.

Now keep believing.
Keep working.
You will get on the other side
of your problem.
All overcomers do!
Keep your eyes on the prize.
Success is just one more step
up that mountain side,
congratulations are waiting,
so start planning a celebration now,
a great, great big victory celebration,
because you are going to conquer,
you are going to overcome,
and because my friend,
you are going to reach the mountain top,
and my oh my,
what a glorious view.....

By Nancye Sims
Copyright @2011

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